MICHAEL TRONN is known for being a revolutionary.


At his core, he is an artist, but he is also a respected business and community leader.


For decades Michael has created cultural movements and made scenes in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles in the realms of nightlife, hospitality, music, fashion, and art.

He directs his creativity to strategically build creative communities and generate business.

At the root of his work is a passion to create unique, fresh experiences for people to spark their own creativity and personal evolution. This, in turn, builds commerce through curiosity and excitement.


Tronn is also a civic leader who has been heavily involved in industry growth and municipal marketing, serving on Mayoral councils and political campaigns.


Additionally, He is also an experienced writer, illustrator, lyricist, and tv and film producer.

By approaching commercial projects with a creative subtext, Michael has repeatedly been credited for seeding cities through the arts and creative industries.

He is driven by a passion to help make the world a better place, which is threaded in everything he creates, including the books he has written and his latest children's book, which he is also illustrating.




Michael Tronn is known for being one of the shapers of the nightlife industry as it is today. Plus, he is one of the first people to morph this type of immersion into "experiential marketing."


To date he has hosted over 1,000,000 people, generated $180,000,000 in sales, and raised over $1,000,000 for charity.


He has produced over 1,000 events, dozens of fashion shows, concerts, photo shoots, emerging-scene happenings, product launches, and art exhibits.


Michael is known as being one of the creators of the cultural movement, "Club Kids," for which he appeared on the cover of New York Magazine at age 17.


After a decade of success in New York, Michael replicated that success in Miami.


He was first hired by Ingrid Casares and Chris Paciello to direct their club in South Beach, the famed celebrity hang-out, Liquid.


He breathed new life into the venue by producing dozens of high fashion special events for top designers such as Anna Sui, with magazines such as Ocean Drive.


He also created the uber-VIP weekly theme event, GUIDO, thus making him a respected and well-known person of interest and business leader.

After rebirthing Liquid, Michael was hired to build and launch The Ice Palace Film Studios, a 100,000 square foot facility in Downtown Miami owned by the venerable Big Time Productions.


He was then contracted to launch and market Crobar - first in Miami and then again in New York, both hugely popular and iconic clubs.


Additionally and concurrently, he conceived and opened the restaurants Rumi on Lincoln Road and Studio on Ocean Drive.


Thanks to Michael's reputation, and his business development and marketing skill, he was selected as one of only 8 people to work with the mayor of Miami Beach on The Mayoral Development and Marketing Councils.

In service, Michael helped enlighten the Mayor on how to target the correct demographic for the personality of the city, and thus was empowered to change the advertising design, the media buying, and the logo of Miami - which remains in use to this day.

In addition to his credits, Michael also served as the Director of LA's most popular EDM venue, Avalon, produced a hit tv series for E! Entertainment Television for four years - which aired in 193 countries - and was at one time, The Director of Development of IMG Models.



As an artist himself, Michael is also credited as being one of the founders of Miami's Wynwood Arts District.


He is one of the original artists who participated in one-night-only group shows known as Roving Fridays where underground warehouses were turned into pop-up galleries in the then derelict neighborhood. 


This was the inception of the area that has since grown into the most important street art destination in the country, and perhaps the world.

With the popularity of his towering philosophical works, The Diaspora Vibe Gallery in The Design District, gave Michael a solo exhibit for which he created the series"33.1: InsiTions".


This collection of 36 12' high muslin "scrolls" was displayed in the round, and when experienced in sequence took the viewer on a journey from ignorance into enlightenment.


The show was successful and enjoyed by both Michael and the public, so when he purchased a house in Wynwood he painted inspirational words all over the exterior in an effort to elevate the spirits of the people living in the downtrodden neighborhood. This became a show-space he named, "The Urban Art Farm".


This led to a series of more philosophical pieces that were designed to provoke or illicit contemplation, including one he donated for a charity exhibit that simply stated, "Give up what you cannot keep, to gain what you cannot lose."


Tronn first started showing his art work professionally when he was only 18.

His first art exhibit was a solo show of paintings entitled "Supermarket Sex" in the gallery at Red Zone in New York.

This was succeeded by his dot-matrix Trinity Series of portraits being displayed at The Arlene Altman Gallery on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Though these look like silkscreens, they are not. Each dot is painted by hand.

In Los Angeles, he has exhibited paintings at The World of Wonder Gallery where he participated in the group shows,"Andy: Dead at 21" and "Just Britney" - from which his painting was the only one purchased by the gallery owners - ushering in a new style for Tronn - fractured imagery using large pixels instead of dots.

Michael has continued working in this style. So far has done a series of portraits of people he admires, as well as a sexy series of women's lips.


In Mexico, he showed his more Gauginesque side where his gold and black canvases of native and tropical scenes were exhibited at Galleria Pacifico. His portrait of "Adam and Eve" from the show was acquired by a local museum.


As a teenager, he was instrumental in creating Keith Haring's Statue of Liberty Project in New York, as well as working with him on The Brandywine Mural in Philadelphia.


Over the course of time and reflection, Michael has come to recognize that the themes he is most passionate about have been present in all of his work, commercial and artistic.


In alignment with that, he has composed his "Master Plan" which is comprised of several projects that will easily take the rest of his life to complete.

He hopes to mount several public art exhibits in global capitals.

He has also written several children's books and is currently completing the illustrations for one which is on-target to be published in 2019.

If you are interested in working with Michael on a project, please use the contact form below and someone will be in touch.

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